URL Submission FAQs

Q1:  What is the URL submission process for PY2023?

  • Once an issuer submits initial plan information to HIOS for PY2023, they will be able to submit PY2023 URLs in the Supplemental Submission Module (SSM). In order for an issuer’s information to be accessible in the SSM, they must have at least one valid PY2023 Plans & Benefits Template submitted to HIOS or transferred via SERFF.

    For initial URL submission for PY2023, CMS recommends downloading the pre-populated template directly from the SSM. Information on URL submission can be found on the QHP certification website.

    Issuers should submit URLs in the SSM by August 17, 2022, the final deadline to update QHP Applications. CMS expects URLs to be active and directly route the user to the appropriate document by September 21, 2022, the final deadline for issuers to return signed agreements to CMS. Issuers are strongly encouraged to test their data, including URLs, through Plan Preview.

Q2: How are URL changes submitted for current plan year?
  • For PY2023 changes, issuers may access the PY2023 instance of the SSM through the remainder of the plan year. Within the SSM, issuers may add or edit URLs for payment, formulary, network, plan brochure, and Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC).

    CMS no longer requires submission of data change requests (DCRs) for URL updates. Issuers must adhere to any state requirements regarding review and approval of URL updates. By submitting a URL change, issuers are attesting that the change(s) have been approved by the applicable state. More details on how to submit URL changes through the SSM can be found on the QHP certification website
Q3: How do off-exchange issuers submit URLs? 
  • On-Exchange URLs - HIOS Supplemental Submission Module (SSM)
    Since the URL fields have been taken out of the templates, all on-exchange URL submissions and updates need to be submitted through the HIOS Supplemental Submission Module (SSM). If you submit via HIOS, all off-exchange variants will be present in the SSM and are optional submissions. If you submit via SERFF and your off-exchange variants were transferred, they will be present in the SSM and are optional submissions. That said, CMS does not review off-exchange URLs as part of our URL reviews. For more information on this process, please see QHP Certification website.

    Off-Exchange URLs - Rates and Benefits Information System (RBIS)
    While off-exchange URLs are not required in the SSM, you are still required to submit them to RBIS using the URL template present in the RBIS module. For more information, please see the Health Insurance Oversight System Rate & Benefits Information System User Manual
Q4: When will URLs refresh throughout the year? 
  • URLs are refreshed alongside normal plan data refreshes, they do not update automatically upon submission to the HIOS Supplemental Submission Module (SSM). Changes will be visible in Plan Preview approximately 30 minutes after submission to the SSM. CMS will inform issuers when their data is refreshed on Healthcare.gov.