Interoperability FAQs

Q1:Why isn’t the Interoperability tab appearing on the Supplemental Submission Module (SSM)?

  • Starting in PY23, the Interoperability Attestation form will be embedded in the HIOS SSM as a web-based form. This form will be available on a tab within the SSM for Interoperability. Both HIOS and SERFF issuers will complete the form directly in the Interoperability tab of the HIOS SSM.

    In order to view and complete the Interoperability Data tab and web-based form in HIOS, a QHP Issuer offering individual medical plans in a FFE state must first submit a Plans and Benefits template in HIOS. In States Performing Plan Management Functions, the state must use SERFF to transfer a Plans & Benefits Template with at least one individual medical QHP into HIOS. Once a Plans & Benefits Template with individual medical QHPs has been submitted successfully, the user will be able to view the SSM, select the Issuer ID on the summary page, and access the Interoperability tab and web-based form.

    Note: The Interoperability tab and web-based form will not show for SBE-FP and SBE Issuers, as interoperability requirements do not apply to these issuers.