New to the Exchange

Welcome to the Exchange! These tips can help you certify your QHP successfully. 

Review the QHP Timeline for Important Deadlines

The QHP Data Submission and Certification Timeline bulletin contains a high-level timeline that includes important deadlines for issuers to be aware of throughout the QHP certification process. Issuers should review this timeline and make note of the dates included.

Many states require application data before federal deadlines. Contact your state Department of Insurance (DOI) regulator to learn about state-specific deadlines and any additional requirements for your state.

Read Guidance & Instructions 

Issuers are encouraged to review the QHP certification website to become familiar with and gain a better understanding of the QHP Application and certification process. The following key webpages contain important information that could be helpful for those new to the Exchange.  

Know Where to Get Help

Account Manager

Your Account Manager is your primary point of contact for any non-technical issues. An Account Manager is generally assigned after plan certification. If you want to have an Account Manager assigned earlier in the process, contact the Marketplace Service Desk (MSD). 

QHP Issuer Webinar Series

CMS hosts several webinar series on various topics throughout the certification cycle, including a series specific to QHP issuers applying for certification. CMS encourages issuers to register for these webinars to learn about the process and ask questions to CMS subject matter experts. Visit REGTAP for more information.

Marketplace Service Desk (MSD)

  • 1-855-CMS-1515 (1-855-267-1515)