Below is a high-level overview of the QHP data submission and certification process timeline for plan year (PY) 2022, as outlined in the PY2022 QHP Data Submission and Certification Timeline bulletin.

PY2022 QHP Data Submission and Certification Timeline



Stand-alone Dental Plan Voluntary Reporting of Intent to Offer


QHP Application submission window opens


Optional Early Bird QHP Application submission deadline


CMS reviews Early Bird QHP Application data and releases results in the PM Community

5/20/21 – 6/11/21

HHS-approved QHP Enrollee Survey vendor securely submits the QHP Enrollee Survey response data to CMS on behalf of the QHP issuer1


QHP issuer submits the validated QRS clinical measure data, with attestation, to CMS via NCQA’s Interactive Data Submission System (IDSS)2


Machine-readable index URL submission deadline


Initial QHP Application deadline, including Transparency in Coverage and Plan ID Crosswalk data


CMS reviews initial QHP Applications and releases results in the PM Community

6/17/21 – 7/16/21

Initial deadline for QHP Application Rates Table Template; optional deadline to resubmit corrected QHP Application data


CMS reviews initial submission of Rates Table Template and resubmitted QHP Application data, and releases results in the PM Community

7/22/21 – 8/13/21

QHP issuers, Exchange administrators, and CMS preview the 2021 QHP quality rating information

Aug/Sep 2021

Service area data change request deadline


Issuers complete final plan confirmation and submit final Plan ID Crosswalk Templates in the PM Community

8/11/21 – 8/25/21

Deadline for issuers to change QHP Application, including Transparency in Coverage data


Deadline for issuers to submit marketing URL data in the HIOS Supplemental Submission Module (SSM)


CMS reviews QHP Applications and releases results in the PM Community

8/19/21 – 9/13/21

CMS sends QHP Certification Agreements to issuers


Issuers return signed QHP Certification Agreements to CMS

9/14/21 – 9/22/21

States complete final plan confirmation in the PM Community

9/14/21 – 9/22/21

Limited data correction window

9/16/21 – 9/17/21

New plan year machine-readable submission deadline


Deadline for marketing URLs to be live and active


CMS releases certification notice to issuers and states

10/4/21 – 10/5/21

Anticipated public display of QHP quality rating information

Mid-Oct 2021

Open Enrollment begins


2Each QHP issuer must submit and plan-lock its QRS clinical measure data by June 3 to allow the HEDIS® Compliance Auditor sufficient time to review, approve, and audit-lock all submissions by the June 15 deadline. There are no fees for QHP issuers associated with accessing and using the IDSS.