Machine-Readable Format FAQs

Q1: How quickly does updated machine-readable data appear in the Decision Support Features on
  • The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) refreshes issuers’ machine-readable data at least once daily. Depending upon the time of day the issuer updated their JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) file, the Decision Support Features on will reflect the update within 1-2 days.
Q2: How can issuers ask technical questions about their machine-readable files and data?
  • Issuers should use the Coverage Portal to submit questions and receive answers related to machine-readable files and data. This site allows users to review the Knowledge Base; submit questions and receive answers to technical questions about the index files and JSON files; and browse already-answered questions in the Knowledge Base.

    Questions may be submitted by clicking "Contact" on the Coverage Portal home page linked above.

    Issuers can also review more information about machine readable, including the Machine Readable Issuer Guide.