Plan Crosswalk

The FFE Plan ID Crosswalk maps (crosswalks) the 2023 QHP plan ID and service area combinations (e.g., plan ID and county combinations) to a 2024 QHP plan ID. This data will facilitate enrollment transactions from CMS to the issuer for enrollees in the Individual Market who have not actively selected a different QHP during Open Enrollment.

Key Changes for PY2024:
  • PY2024 Plan ID Crosswalk Template changed to include the PY2023 Network ID column that pulls in the Network ID from the Plans & Benefits Template import. 
  • Issuers must submit their Plan ID Crosswalk template in the PM Community at the same time they submit the Issuer Accreditation grouping in MPMS to ensure all related information is available for review.'
Tips for the Plan ID Crosswalk Section
  • If you are submitting a QHP for the first time, you are not expected to submit a Plan ID Crosswalk Template.
  • CMS has deferred the Federally-facilitated Small Business Health Options Program’s (FF-SHOP’s) ability to auto-renew employees for PY2024. Do not submit a Plan ID Crosswalk Template for FF-SHOP plans.
  • The 2024 HHS Notice of Benefit and Payment Parameters requires Exchanges to ensure that a consumer whose current year QHP is no longer available be auto re-enrolled into a QHP that has the most similar network compared to the enrollee's current QHP, and that meets the other requirements that also apply to plan crosswalk at 45 CFR 155.335(j). Therefore, issuers should take into account Network ID when selecting crosswalk plans if possible, along with Product ID and plan type as has been required in prior years. 
  • Submit the Plan ID Crosswalk Template via the Plan Management (PM) Community. Import only one Plans & Benefits Template and one Service Area Template. Submit separate templates for SADPs.