Plan Crosswalk

The FFE Plan ID Crosswalk maps (crosswalks) the 2020 QHP plan ID and service area combinations (e.g., plan ID and county combinations) to a 2021 QHP plan ID. This data will facilitate enrollment transactions from CMS to the issuer for enrollees in the Individual Market who have not actively selected a different QHP during Open Enrollment.

Key Changes for PY21: 
  • No changes for the 2021 QHP Application.

Tips for the Plan ID Crosswalk Section

  • First-time QHP issuers are not expected to submit a Plan ID Crosswalk Template.
  • For PY2021, CMS has deferred the Federally-facilitated Small Business Health Option Program’s (FF-SHOP’s) ability to auto-renew employees. Therefore, issuers should not attempt to submit a Plan ID Crosswalk Template for FF-SHOP plans.
  • Issuers need to submit the Plan ID Crosswalk Template through the Plan Management (PM) Community.
  • Issuers must import only one Plans & Benefits Template and one Service Area Template. You must make separate submissions for SADPs.

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