Plan Preview

Plan Preview is a tool in the Marketplace Plan Management System (MPMS) module in the Health Insurance Oversight System (HIOS) that allows issuers to preview their plan benefit displays for Plan Preview will open for the 2024 plan year (PY) in June 2023 and be available as a resource for issuers throughout the plan year.

New for PY2024, the Plan Preview User Guide is part of the MPMS User Guide, and this guide provides instructions for issuers to use Plan Preview.  All issuers and states with a role in MPMS can automatically access the Plan Preview tab in MPMS. 

Additional Plan Preview Resources:

Identifying Plan Errors

All issuers participating in the FFE, including in states performing plan management functions, may use Plan Preview. Issuers submitting in MPMS can view their plan data in Plan Preview when their Business Rules, Plans & Benefits and Service Area Templates are in “Ready to Submit” status in MPMS. Issuers submitting in the System for Electronic Rates & Forms Filing (SERFF) can view their plan data in Plan Preview shortly after their state transfers it to CMS.

Plan Preview displays plan data similar to how it is displayed to consumers in Plan Compare on Issuers are encouraged to log in to Plan Preview and review their plans during the QHP Application period to make sure they are displaying as intended. Any data errors should follow the data correction process described in the Data Change Windows page, and any technical display issues should be emailed to the Marketplace Service Desk (MSD) at