State Licensure and Good Standing

In this section of the application, issuers indicate their licensure status and provide documentation that shows they are licensed for the applicable QHP markets, service areas, and products.

Issuers also demonstrate compliance in good standing with all applicable state solvency and regulatory requirements. An issuer must be licensed in the state for which it is applying to satisfy the “good standing” standard.

Key Changes for PY2022:
  • No changes for the 2022 QHP Application.

Tips for the State Licensure Section

  • The second licensure question only displays if the user selected No as the answer for Question 1.
  • Supporting document upload is only requested if the user selected Yes as the answer for either Question 1 or Question 2. 
  • Provide licensure documentation for all products and service areas in which you intend to offer a QHP. This applies to all licensed issuers, including any affiliated or other issuers underwriting the dental benefits that the QHP proposes to offer.
  • Submit one form of licensure documentation (state license, COA, certificate of compliance, or equivalent).
  • If you are not yet licensed and therefore are unable to provide licensure documentation during the initial application submission, submit evidence of licensure during the QHP Application resubmission window.

Tips for the Good Standing Section

  • If the user responds No to Question 1, no additional information is needed to proceed.
  • If the user responds Yes to Question 2, the user may upload supporting documents and provide a justification.
  • If the user responds No to Question 2, no additional information is needed to proceed. 
  • If you do not comply with the state solvency requirements or are under corrective action related to financial review, complete supporting documentation and provide a justification.

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